Friday, 24 July 2009

A cake making competition.... well a slice

Hi Girls
Our ABC challenge is due to finish and the new one will be set by our winner next week but I was having a little chat with my good friend Linda and I thought it would be fun to set another challenge to finish on the 14th of August for a cake decorating competition.

You will see from the pictures that I have made some cake slices (I can not take the credit for this design or the idea as it came from the very charming Steph over at Papertrey who made a whole beautiful cake and filled them with chocolates and promptly gave them away.

Now my plan is that if you want to take part then hopefully I should be able to send you files with the pattern enlarged accordingly and the instructions which are ever so easy to follow (just leave me a comment on this blog posting and I will get back to you - please bear in mind that I only have email access during the working week). No printer ? Not a problem, get in touch and I will send a pattern and instructions out via snail mail for you.

Once you have them then design your slice of cake, adding whatever you want to it then email me 2 photos, one showing the top of the slice and one showing the side of the slice. (you only have to do one slice not a whole cake - please do not send pictures of the whole cake as this is unfair on everyone else's entry) Both pictures will be judged.

Then and not before all of the pieces will go up on the blog. I'm going to ask the lovely Steph and Kate from papertrey to judge a winner for me and a runner up. THERE WILL BE A PRIZE for both.
Good luck and happy cake making - calorie free until you fill it with sweeties !
K x


  1. count me in please.... and if you can send me a pattern that'd be very helpful... think you have my email addy. This is totally new territory for me... neat challenge, like it!!! hugs lynx

  2. Oh, this is a good one. I've visited their blog and just loved it. I'll need a pattern please.
    Thanks, Jeanette