Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Congratulations to Claire

Hi Girls

At the time of posting Claire is the only one to vote and I hope she will put her vote in - she is our winner this month with the majority of the votes - congratulations Claire. I look forward to receiving your challenge in due course, well done ladies and I hope you will all join in the cake decorating competition - remember entries by 14th..... all details further down the blog.

K x


  1. OMG I forgot all about it, sorry ladies I didn't manage to vote but thank you ever so muuch for voting for me...I suppose you want a challenge now then lol. Will have a think tonight and let Karen know...thank you xx

  2. Claire - congratulations - everyone did such a great job on this fun challenge and apologize for not being able to make it. I wanted to let everyone know that I have been thinking of you all and hope each of you are doing well. It seems as though ever since school let out the first part of June, I just haven't done anything: cardmaking, blogging, emailing ... nothing and I'm so sorry for not doing that more often. At the first of June, my daddy had some heart problems and then Patrick was gone the month of June staying with my family (they don't get to see him alot during the year and they always have him up every summer and it's a fun way for him to be with his cousins, etc.); I thought that would perfect fun time of the cmoputer, but boy was I wrong - I took the opportunity to clean and redecorate the house - got rid of alot of toys that he doesn't play with anymore :) and then Jim and I went on a motorcycle trip out west so I was getting ready for that as well. The first of July, we went to Alberta Canada then through Wyoming, Montana, etc. (we went to Yellowstone National Park - what a place) and were gone for 2 weeks. Since we have been back, we have been spending every moment we can with Patrick and trying to get back into the swing of normalcy, which can be hard at times :) I have tried to work on some cards, but my mojo hasn't been there. I have some scrapbooking events coming up in the next month that I'm hoping will get me back in the groove. I'm slowly getting back to blogging, but since I have been so busy at work trying to play catch up still, I come home and don't want to see my computer (I even got a new one and still don't want to mess with it), but it is slowing down a little there and I'm hoping I'll be back in full swing soon. I'm going to be on my own this weekend, so I'll be able to catch up and visit everyone's blog to see what you all have been up to (can't wait). It also looks like we have a few new people who have joined in our fun group and can't wait to get to know them better. Everyone have a great week and I'll see you this weekend. Love to you all !!!

  3. Congratulations Claire - looking forward to your challenge.